Strategic Partnership

UZH-UNIGE Joint Seed Funding - Rolling Call

The Joint Seed Funding scheme between the University of Zurich and the University of Geneva is now on a rolling call basis. Proposals may be submitted throughout the year. The scheme is further divided into 4 possible options, depending on the aims of the project:

1) Joint Seed Funding for collaboration in research and teaching of max. CHF 8'000 per project. Possible activities may include (but are not limited to) the organizing of scientific conferences and workshops, doing exploratory research and/or fieldwork for the purpose of applying for larger external funding, invited lectureships within existing programmes of strategic importance, creation of new teaching material or online resources (MOOCs, platforms, apps).

2) Young Researchers' Exchange: max. CHF 8'000 per exchange. This will allow PhD candidates or postdoctoral researchers to spend one or two semesters at the other university for research or teaching activities. The exchange must be reciprocal, either simultaneously or in consecutive semesters. Shorter periods of exchange are also accepted. The grant may be used to cover the costs of travel and living, but not for paying salaries. A maximum of CHF 3'000 per month may be allocated to an exchange project according to a submitted budget.

3) Staff Exchange (for administration and technical personnel): max. CHF 1'000 per exchange. The main purpose is the exchange of best practices and hands-on training through job shadowing at the partner institution. Open to all administrative sections and levels.

4) Staff Joint Projects (by administrative and technical personnel): max. CHF 5'000 per project. This scheme will allow counterpart administrative services at UZH and UNIGE to launch new collaborative projects such as joint student surveys on relevant topics, projects on inclusivity and sustainability within the universities, launching staff training programmes, developing common strategies (digital issues, library and resources), and more.

The proposals must include a short summary of the project, a timeline and a budget (please use the Excel template provided under "General instructions" in the application submission form). The application process also includes answering a few short questions on the planned activities, the potential outcomes, the merits of the project, other potential funding sources, etc.

The application submission page is visible only if you are signed in (if you are reading page while signed in, click on "dashboard"). If you previously had an account on the platform, your username is still active, but you need to create a new password at login.