Call 2014

Selected projects

UNIGE-Yonsei Health Culture Promotion and Globalization Initiative

Social Sciences

The goal of this project is to promote a longĀ·-term cross-cultural understanding and international academic collaboration between South Korea and Switzerland through an exchange of bath lecture- based and regional physical therapy activity-based programs related to health recovery and improvement, for a promotion of active aging as a foundation for intergenerational relations.

The Health Culture Promotion and Globalization Initiative will develop a strong academic relationship between UNIGE and Yonsei through the exchange of professors and PhD students from each institution who, during their exchange period, will actively
engage in a cultural exchange with the local academic community through joint-research, courses, and special physical therapy activity workshops.

Prof. Michel Oris
University of Geneva
Prof. Young-Shin Won
Yonsei University

UNIGE-Yonsei Global Korean Studies Research Lab

Area Studies

ln recent years Korean Studies at Yonsei University in Korea, as many other Korean studies related institutions do, have an intention to extend its studies, beyond the conventional framework of Korean studies, to the global level of research. Although Korean studies within Yonsei or Korea have relatively abundant human resources as well as material supports and they have easier access to academic esources as well, their researches could have barely escaped their conventional framework and nationalistic perspectives. On the other hands Korean studies in regions other than Korea, including UNIGE's, have suffered a shortage of human resources and difficulties in accessing primary sources concerning Korean studies in spite of securing relatively objective perspectives and fresh methodologies. ln this respect, collaboration between two research units in Korean studies can be complementary strategy to maximize merits on both sides, at the same time to minimize defects. Researchers and Students in UNIGE Korean Studies take advantage of Yonsei University's infrastructures and resources of Korean Studies as a key point in Korea. Yonsei University's Korean studies have opportunities to refine their researches keeping in touch with UNIGE's high level of researches in Humanities in general and reinforcing academic network in Europe.

The goals of the project:

  • Establishing Joint Research Lab ( 3+3)
  • Annual Academic Workshop
  • Researchers (Students) Exchanges
  • Opening Library Services
  • Establishing Permanent Inter-University Koean Studies Research lnstitute
    (UNIGE-Yonsei Inter University Center for Korean Studies)
  • Regularization of Joint Workshops or Conferences
  • Developing Joint Educational Program (Graduate Level)
  • Joint Degree
  • Dispatching Researchers (lncluding Postdoctoral)
Prof. Samuel Guex
University of Geneva
Prof. Hur Kyoung Jin
Yonsei University